Hello, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Sonja and I live in Zaan region (Zaanstreek). My passion is singing and I've done that regularly in the past. A long time ago I joined the trio TripleB. A very nice trio, where I had a lot of success with Nel and Fred. Unfortunately, Fred and Nel died too early. We were just wonderful.

Then I went solo again, but that was a pretty tough phase. Many know me as singer Daily. I did everything together with my cousin Marion, who was always there for me and always helped and drove the car. But she met someone she fell in love with, so I had to do everything myself again: charging, driving, reloading and then home.

That was really enervating. It's been 8 years now, but I'm back with country and allround music. Together with a good sounder (Dolf Paalman, who has an excellent sound and light set). I have an extensive repertoire, especially for the line dancers. I can musically take care of your event, hopefully leading it to success. You can also book me at www.rheinlandmusic.com rheinland@live.nl. I hope we meet again at one of my gigs (performances).


See you, Daily